What is tramadol and how it is used?


what is tramadol and how it is used

Toxicity Informations

– Elevation of serum aminotransferase level in Small proportion in patients receiving tramadol, particularly with doses.

– Intentional and accidental overdose of tramadol can cause respiratory arrest as well as acute liver failure Several fatal infames of which have been reported however, the liver injury may be caused by shock, hyporia or ischemia secondary to the respiratory arrest. Liver injury attributed to tramadol overdose has been associated with hyperammonemia, lactic acidory and hepatic steolosis, which is suggestive of direct. Mitochondrial injury. In few situation, intake of overdoses tramadol seperately or in combination cause acute liver failure.

– It is not reported that apparent idiosyncratic liver injury occurs with recommended doses of tramadol and must be rare. Human Nervous system and resist transfer of signal of pathway from brain to organ.

– Sufficient and efficient use doesn’t cause side effects. and Any other biological action in our body.

what is tramadol and how it is used


Its extra use or overdose and dependency can cause liver failure . Pharmaclogic use of tramadol has not been associated twith cases of clinically apparent drug indeed liver disease.

Interaction cause with other medicine it is a DEA schedule IN controlled substance.

By administration. The U.S  F.D.A is warned about safety issues with entire class of opioid pain medicine. These medicine has harmful enteraction with several other medicine, problem linked with Adernal gland, and dicrease sex hormones level.

Opiod group interaction with antidepressants and migrane medicine to cause serious central Nervous system reaction called sercolonin, syndrome. which cause increase in level of serotonin which affect brain and cause toxidy.

-And Also long term use can cause inadequate a production of cortisol hormone release from adernal glands.

what is tramadol and how it is used

What is tramadol –

Tramadol sold under the brand name Ultram among others, is an opiod pain medication wood to treat moderate to moderately severe pain . when taken by mouth is an immediate release formulation.

The unset of pain releaf usually begins minimum an hour. It is also available by injection.

Essential information –

formula : C₁₆H₂₅ NO₂

molar mars : – 263 . 30 g / mol

Boiling Point: 406.6℃

– Tramadol a kind of a kind of medicine belong to, opioid anaglesics. it mostly used as the group of medicine to cure pain which is chronic and highly sensitive. it often use for short term and moderate pain.

-As pain origin is located in our brain and brain transfer sence of pain therefore this medicine affects.

Biological Reef life !

Tramadol reported a half life of 5 -6 hours while M1 metabolic present 8h half-life. Healthy elderly subjects aged 65 to 75years have plasma tramadol concentration and elimination half- lives comparable to those observed who are healthy and less than 65 years.

Subjects aged 75 year plus have maximum serum concentration are elevated and the elimination half – life is increase ( 6 to7h) compared to 65 to 75 aged people.